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This MSc will help you pursue an exciting career as a bridge engineer with a consultancy, specialist contractor or local authority. A leading voluntary organisation based in London, providing holistic and culturally sensitive services should college athletes be paid essay empowering and supporting people to improve their health and wellbeing. Riviera Travel wanted to migrate their on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud. Following this they wanted to migrate all windows workloads into AWS.

bridge statement examples

The poem depicts an old man who, close to the end of his days, decides to spend his time building a bridge he does not need. He crosses over a chasm and then once safely to the other side, decides to build a bridge. This is a selfless choice that is noticed and questioned by a passerby. The old man explains that he’s building the bridge not for himself, as he won’t be using it, but for anyone who comes after him. If you’re interested in the world of engineering, don’t be fooled that a university degree is the only way to get ahead with your career. Our desire to innovate and explore new ideas has envisioned people ever since our ancestors first created levers and pulleys. With the power of Maths, engineers have translated the dreams of our civilisation into realities.

Positive Phrases for Acknowledging the Customer

When you Disclose well you build an environment of trust which allows the other person to open up and share more information. When you use Involving well, the other person will feel valued. They will know that you truly want to understand their position and that you are open to influence. It’s about creating a bridge between you and the person you are trying to influence so that you truly understand their situation and their perspective, without sacrificing your own position. As you see, combinations of three or more clauses are possible when making compound-complex sentences in particular. They key term here is connect and the word conjunction itself derives from the Latin coniunctionem the noun from the past-participle of coniugare, meaning join together.

  1. The scale and size of this significant landmark was a major achievement in construction engineering, and the structure has stood the test of time.
  2. Steel material is supplied in two product forms – ‘flat products’ and ‘long products’ .
  3. I would suggest to also put more emphasize on technical knowledge of customer service staff, less on phrases.
  4. On some, the term conjunct may have been mentioned and on many a distinction will have been made between coordination and subordination.
  5. Furthermore, the use of unpainted weathering steel, which requires almost no maintenance, is increasingly popular, as it is recognised as the ultimate low maintenance option for bridge construction.
  6. S420 and S460 steels can offer advantages where self-weight is critical or the designer needs to minimise plate thicknesses.
  7. Monet was also seeking refuge at the pond from a number of irritants, from his ever-increasing age and frailty, to the bustling modern cities of Paris and London, to France’s torn state in the height of the Dreyfus Affair.

When a steel bridge reaches the end of its useful life, the girders can be cut into manageable sizes to facilitate demolition, and returned to steelworks for recycling. Some 99% of structural steel either finds its way back into the steelmaking process where it is used to create new steel products or is reused. There is no degradation in the performance of recycled steel. Alternatively, component parts of steel bridges can be reused in other structures; entire bridges have been relocated and bridges can be designed with ease of future relocation in mind.

Key Learning Points

A customer might just get turned off and walk away by one negative sounding word. However I can’t help feeling that some of the phrasing and words recommended here aren’t appropriate for everyday conversations. If you could teach me some words and sentences to use while assisting our clients, that would be great. With my little experience in the call how to write a controlling idea center industry, the use of positive words are very important. The concern here however is, knowing when, where and how to use them. We at ABC company take needs of each customers seriously and ensure that we earn your goodwill. Understanding your concern I’m happy to let you know that I’ve gone ahead and waived the late fee in your account.

bridge statement examples

S275 steel is often used on railway bridges, where stiffness rather than strength governs the design, or where fatigue is the critical design case. S420 and S460 steels can offer advantages where self-weight is critical or the how many words is a 5 paragraph essay designer needs to minimise plate thicknesses. However, the use of such steels confers no benefits in applications where fatigue, stiffness or the instability of very slender members is the overriding design consideration.

The Top 25 Positive Phrases for Customer Service

This is why I currently hold the position of Co-Chair in my school’s Student Council. Sport has also taught me a great deal about cooperation, teamwork, and adaptation. Believing that biomedical engineering can revolutionise healthcare and medicine, I anxiously await the opportunity to further my education in order to contribute towards the evolution of technology and thus the welfare of society.

bridge statement examples

University Career Guides Discover hundreds of different career options. University City Guides Explore everything that UK cities have to offer. View all Oxbridge Programmes; these Programmes provide support for your entire application. Since the second paragraph provides an entry point to the rest of the essay, it should include your strongest argument or most important information.


Steel material is supplied in two product forms – ‘flat products’ and ‘long products’ . For structural use in bridges these products are inevitably cut and welded, one component to another. In the structure, the material is subject to tensile and compressive forces. quote introductions Structural steel generally responds in a linear elastic manner, up to the ‘yield point’ and thereafter has a significant capacity for plastic straining before failure. All these aspects of steel material are utilised by the designer of a steel bridge.

I need more help about it i just start job last week, and i m from turkey, i will speak with foreing customers.. When a customer immediately asks for a supervisor, the best response is…. Sure I can help you with that, in order to ensure that I get you to the best person to be able to handle your call, can you please tell me what your issue is? … After hearing the issue or concern, if I am able to assist the caller, I let them know…. Also, by saying “we” and “us” and “I” it helps the customer feel that you are taking ownership of the situation.

Three types of conjunction and their main characteristics

To transition from the second paragraph to the third paragraph, use transition sentences at the end of the second paragraph AND the beginning of the third paragraph. To transition from the second paragraph to the third paragraph, use transition sentences at the end of the second paragraph. The last sentence of a paragraph is a great place to start transitioning to the next paragraph. Start transitioning between ideas at the end of the second paragraph. You should end the second paragraph with a concluding transition sentence. These transition sentences should closely relate to each other.

Welcome to our popular Personal Statement series where we present a successful Personal Statement, and our Oxbridge Tutors provide their feedback on it. Read through a successful Engineering Personal Statement for Cambridge with a full analysis by Oxbridge Tutors. Find out why the Personal Statement helped the candidate to receive a Cambridge offer. Note how the above example hints at what is to come in the next paragraphs. The reader can guess the third paragraph will discuss another way that free college could boost the economy. A concluding transition sentence is a sentence at the end of a paragraph that includes a hint of what is coming next.

Top 50 Positive Words and Phrases

With ourOxbridge Engineering Premium Programme, we help you craft the perfect PersonalStatement, score highly on the ENGAAand teach you how toInterview effectively. With ourOxbridge Engineering Premium Programme we help you craft the perfect PersonalStatement, produce and submit the best Written Workand teach you how toInterview effectively.

What are good bridging phrases?

  • I see that, but … ( key message)
  • I'm not here/able to comment on that.
  • I'd also like to add that …
  • This is a really complex issue …
  • Just to put this into some context …
  • What's absolutely critical to remember is …
  • People have said that but…
  • I do understand why people might think that …

I have a desire to gain an understanding of the principles that govern our world and how we manipulate them for our own uses as well as enjoying a balance between applied mathematics and the physical aspects of engineering. I will defer entry to university to give myself experience in both the mathematical and practical side of engineering by spending a year in industry. I am looking for a placement in the automotive industry with SEAT to enhance my Spanish. The experience will help me conceptualise the more theoretical aspects of engineering courses.

Positive Phrases for Greeting the Customer

As a senior prefect who mentors Year 9s in maths and takes part in CCF and CSO I have developed my teamwork and organisational skills. Determination and focusing on my targets help me fulfill my objectives. I devised, organised, and encouraged others to train for and join in a 300 mile cycle ride from London to Paris, raising GBP 6000 for our school charity.

  1. From what I learnt, the word “engineer” literally means “to make things happen”, the simple things in our daily lives to the complicated systems in factories.
  2. Put simply, it allows the interviewee to move the conversation on from a negative or unhelpful question posed by the interviewer.
  3. Our ethos is strong, clear, and reflected in everything we do, the language we use, and the examples we set.
  4. Therefore, it’s important to check the entry requirements carefully for any engineering course you are considering applying for.
  5. I want to study Chemical Engineering because of its increasingly significant role in our society, particularly across a variety of industries from petrochemicals to environmental technology.
  6. With the power of Maths, engineers have translated the dreams of our civilisation into realities.

Additionally, telling the reporter ‘that’s a good question’ is not bridging. It is a way that a spokesperson can buy a little thinking time, but they still have to respond to that question. Essentially, it is a way that a spokesperson can respond to a difficult or challenging question which they may not want to answer, by using a form of words to move the conversation back to the topic they really want to talk about. Students on certain part-time programmes, where fees are paid on a modular or stage basis, are not eligible to pay their fees by instalment. Applicants will be considered on an individual basis, based on strength in specific subjects related to the MSc programme and/or professional experience.

Meaning of the Second Paragraph

So, here we give 25 positive phrases to use at specific parts of the call, with different options suggested for each. Looking for some positive spiel to help brighten up your customer conversations?

  1. Find out why the Personal Statement helped the candidate to receive a Cambridge offer.
  2. Discover more about the options available in our blog post.
  3. Engineers have always been the greatest innovators of modern times.
  4. There may be either a single plane of stays down the centre of the bridge, or two planes; one on each side of the bridge.
  5. Applying engineering techniques to everyday life is a fascinating, absorbing and rewarding endeavour with many potential benefits for technological progression.
  6. Please note that we may have to close applications before the stated deadline if we receive a high volume of suitable applications.
  7. Monet kept abreast of what could be called the “new botany” of the period, following the new hybrid creations of French growers Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac and Antoine Lagrange.

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